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    • hey buddy, A really nice transfer and some well written liner notes, that is all that will be with this one. The movie is very weird and kool. Not all of our platinums will have multiple discs and interviews, commentary etc. This one is pretty simple and straightforward. But i think you will like it.

      It will retail at $24.99, as we have dropped our prices across the board, and this one does not warrant a high retail price.

      Also, i am going to LA tomorrow and I am going to see Veronica Hart and Kelly Nichols for the the ‘Roommates, video commentary. I am going to get you a few autographs, like I said I would. Do you want them to say anything special?


      Steven M

      • That’s what I tought, since it is certainly not evident to trace the people involved in those older movies. Except for Georgina Spelvin who wrote her bio a couple of years ago (a great read BTW), I’ve no idea of what happen with the other actor/actresses in this film (Tina Russel isn’t alive anymore, but most people know this). I’m sure Benson Hurst will write a very interesting short booklet as he always do.

        I’m surprise that you haven’t forget me, it’s been awhile. I’m not good with those things, just personalize autographs using my name is more than enough for me.

        Can’t wait to see this one ready to be on sale to get it. Without forgetting the future release of The Roommates.

        Thanks for the awesome restoration work you do Steven, very few company had the same respect you have for your material.

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