Cecil Howard’s, Scoundrels coming to Blu Ray

Cecil Howard’s, Scoundrels getting full 4k restoration and deluxe Blu Ray treatment!!!

It’s time for an update on the restoration of Cecil Howard’s, Scoundrels…..it’s definitely already in progress and I am sort of in awe that this is actually happening. It took a long time, I mean a long time, for the legendary director of erotica to finally take that last step into the brand new digital era. His recent decision to take a huge leap from his analog comfort zone, and team up with me to bring his films to the 4k future, has been monumental. It’s a dream come true and to all who have helped along the way, it will prove to be a major milestone.

This first restoration project has proven to be a bit challenging on a few levels, which is good, as it is our first time working together and finding the flow is half the battle. We are both particular when it comes to details and Cecil is very hands on, so this means that we have spent quite a bit of time together since we have begun to restore Scoundrels. We drove to his archive together and retrieved the negatives, we traveled to the lab together, we have spent countless hours discussing new technology, and he has been amazing in sharing details with me, about his films and love for the genre. It has been a once in a lifetime experience.


Considering how private Cecil prefers to be, I feel even more lucky that we are spending so much quality time together. In the past month, we have really ramped up the production of quality bonus features for the upcoming release, and in many cases working closely together. The actual 4k scan is complete, and the next steps are color correction and some digital restoration. Besides the film and trailers being included in stunning HD, we now will have an entertaining and exclusive director commentary to go along with the film as well. Cecil also gave me a wonderful and touching audio interview, which may be included on the DVD or possibly used for promotion. If that wasn’t enough, Cecil has been gracious enough to allow me to molest, hand pick and digitize a good portion of his image archive, which includes stellar 35mm chromes, press books, ads, original art , and more. Much of this will be used to create a slideshow and gallery for the Blu Ray. (On a side note, Cecil has one of the most well kept archives, from films to files, it is very organized and impressive. It reminds me very much of the way Radley Metzger keeps his archive and files, which were always well kept and detailed).


Oh, and did I mention that Ron Jeremy also gives an awesome lead actor commentary!! Its going to be a great little package, I mean quality all the way. It is clear that Cecil and Ron have a great fondness toward each other, and I wanted to include some of that essence in this package.

The film package will not be ready for release until shortly after the new year, but it will be worth the wait. Stay tuned for more details and more surprises.




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  1. Great news, hope that some of Mr. Howards other great films will be getting this royal treatment as well, like Babylon Pink, Neon Nights, Platinum Paradise, The Firestorm Trilogy, and Dangerous Stuff.

    any more word on the remaining Metzger films being released on blu ray , Naked Came the Stranger, Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann, and Maraschino Cherry?

  2. Steve,

    it’s been a year since the last announcement, with no real periodical updates like was done with Misty and Barbara, is this still progressing, I know many that visit this site, and Rock Shock Pop forums are interested to see if this is still happening. Hopefully some news will be released soon. thanks for all your hard work, and Blue Sunshine rocked!

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