Metzger’s, The Opening of Misty Beethoven on DVD/Blu-Ray ‘The Perfect Christmas Gift’

The Opening of Misty Beethoven 2 DVD Set and Blu Ray are both selling like hotcakes! Both packages are packed with uncut HD transfers, definitive extras, director /actor commentaries, liner notes and collectibles. They are gorgeous and anyone who has a BLU RAY collection really needs to pick this up. It is very limited, and is certainly the only example of a classic adult film ever to be professionally released on BLU RAY ! For those that have not gone BLU, the 2 DVD Collector’s Set is top notch and will blow you away!


Misty Beethoven Blu Ray

Misty Beethoven Blu Ray

Misty Beethoven Blu Ray

Misty Beethoven Blu Ray

Misty Beethoven -Collector's Edition 2 DVD Set

Misty Beethoven -Collector’s Edition 2 DVD Set

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  1. Just got a copy of the Misty Beethoven 2 DVD set. Everything is top notch. A great job!

    There are a couple of mistakes but they are minimal: 1) you misidentified actor David Williams a couple of times in the extras. He is not the bearded airplane passenger with the cigar for Mary Stewart. Williams plays the clean-shaven airplane passenger getting oral sex from stewardess Jenny Baxter. 2) Terri Hall’s character name is spelled “Tania” according to the film’s pressbook which is seen in the extras. Your subtitles, however, frequently say “Tanya.” 3) Gloria Leonard is not officially identified in the film as Lawrence Layman’s wife thus she can’t be Barbara Layman but is just Barbara (as the pressbook’s credits have her). The subtitles mention a Barbara Layman at least once.

  2. Glenn, thank you and some great stuff, I will definitely make note and check into David Williams, and with the amount of layered extras and subtitles , film facts trivia, we can sometimes fuck up here and there-LOL.
    But, I can clear a few things up for you, since you seem to be a great eye for detail and facts. As to Terri Hall’s character, we used Tanya spelling it as was in the original script, so you make a great observation, as to the spelling being different, I never looked at that before.
    As to Gloria Leonard’s character, Barbara, I recall that she is referred to as Layman’s “old Lady” in the film, so we went with that and were a bit loose, but essentially, it still works. So if your going by the pressbook – I would say your spot on. BUT, I can also tell you that its not uncommon to have different spellings for names in the same film. I am going to see if I can get an official answer on that for you, thank you.

    • Hi,

      Nice to hear from you. I’m positive about the David Williams info. Check his ears. They’re very distinctive. You were fooled by the beard. He sometimes has it and sometimes doesn’t. In Misty, he doesn’t. By the way, Williams is also an audience member in the adult film theater, but he could have gotten off the plane and went to the Paris theater so maybe it could be the same character.

      I also heard the “old lady” line. I would have said she’s a wife except for one thing: I believe I heard a comment about Misty becoming Lawrence’s new “old lady” as if it refers to just being his partner (similar to what Hugh Hefner did – Hefner is what Lawrence is parodying). I’ll have to re-check where that occurs. By the way, the pressbook lists Barbara as just Barbara.

      You could also do me a favor: what is the spelling of “Layman” in the original script? Is it “Layman” (with the pun) or is it “Lehman” (Germanic like Hefner)? That would be interesting to know.

      More trivia: Beth Rosen of Suzie’s Take Out Service (1976) plays the smaller brunette maid at the Italian villa. She’s best seen in your bonus scene with the leopard-skin outfits. And I believe the taller maid at the villa with the skunk hair is the same unidentified actress in the film Forbidden Ways (1976) (again best seen in the bonus footage with the cave people dress-up).

      – Glenn W


      • Amazing info, wow, your blowing me away,I will check into Lehman!

        very kool stuff.

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