DISTRIBPIX INC. – A Film Archive Dedicated to Preserving the golden age of erotica!

Untitled 0 00 28-15We specialize in the archiving, restoration and preservation of some of the most sought after alternative films from one of the most historically significant eras in  history— “THE GOLDEN AGE OF EROTICA”. Our company has been around since the mid 1960’s and during that time DISTRIBPIX was mainly a film broker and small time production company for the NYC theatres and grind houses.


As time went on, Distribpix became a major player and producer of early sex eploitation films, and then went on to produce some very successful X-rated features for the big screen throughout the 1970’s and 80’s.  At first, the video line was branded as Video-X-Pix, to reflect the success of the Video Age(VHS, BETA, LASER DISC)as the company became a major video distribution house, representing some of the best producers and directors of that time period. During the 90’s the adult video line and company was mothballed and sat basically untouched, with some light distribution only.



In 2002, we decided it was time to re-open our doors, and with a renewed approach and vigor.  Basically a 3 tiered plan. First , to continue to preserve and re-issue our amazing library of classics onto DVD. Secondly, to begin to issue, re-mastered versions of the films, from the 35mm negatives, as well as add liner note books and director/actor interviews and commentary and other extras, like in depth documentaries. Third, we are going to be finally releasing the soft core sexploitation films from the DISTRIBPIX vault, (Distribpix Archive Collection) all transferred from film, in HD, 2k, and some on 4k!  These films represent an almost lost era, and since the company focus has shifted heavily toward film restoration and historical approach, it was decided to once again, re-brand the company with it’s original moniker.

Distribpix Inc has been re-born, the company is fully committed to bringing these never before seen films to your homes, for the first time ever. Wether it be on DVD, Blu Ray or VOD, these films will become available one by one.


Besides, the ongoing film restorations, archiving of the physical archive and trying to keep things in order, Distribix has also been working on digitizing the entire photo archive, literally thousands, upon thousands of original images from the films of the golden age, from the 60’s soft core, to the 80’s x rated video shoots. These are some of the most rare images in the world of this type, and we hope to share them with the world, as they will indeed become the content that supplements our Blog, DVD releasing, any future projects on the golden age of erotica.


FILM ELEMENTS-OCN’s, Outtakes, Mag Tracks, T.V. Spots.

The Print Vault

The Print Vault

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  1. Hi, I am Alan from Brazil. I am a film school student and I am finishing my graduation, my grad thesis is about The Golden Age of American Porn Cinema. Since I discovered your blog a little late to help me on my work, sadly I will not use nothing from here to help me. But I am writing because, as you could realize from my work theme that I am so in love for this period of time in the adult cinema that I am trying to become a kind of schollar in that. It was with a very, very happyness that I saw here that you are working in new versions of the work of my favorite filmmaker, Radley Metzger.
    I put Metzger on the same highness of the filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick and Dario Argento (others of my favorites). I have many of the Metzgers DVDs, The Opening of Misty Beethoven (which I wait to be re-released), The Image, Maraschino Cherry (the old single version, I need to re-buy now the double disc version), etc.
    So, I am proud to say that I will follow now this blog. Sorry for my poor english and Thank you for the so wonderful blog.


  2. Now that the other Distribpix site seems (permanently ?) on hold and the Radley Metzger one still stalling, the blog looks better than ever, jampacked with incredible info. Good to see my dear virtual bud Casey Scott going from strength to strength and Steve’s awesome achievements speak for themselves. While I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about the adult industry during its peak years up until the late ’80s, there’s always something here for me to further my education as the “definitive” history of “dirty” movies is slowly pieced together from reviews, interviews, retrospectives, etc. Too bad I live halfway across the world (itty bitty Belgium!) from you guys or I would be attending the lot ! Keep it up !

    • Hi, my name is Arno and i’m looking for any information on 2 films

      1) Mid-day Mistress (aka The Businessmans Lunch) from 1968
      2) Bar maid from 1970.

      Can anybody help me out on thses films? like to get more info …and if possible a copy of the film(s)

      hope to hear from you

      gr Arno

  3. Why have i never been able to find Beneath The Mermaids (1975) with Kim Pope, Darby Lloyd Rains anywhere, also called Teenage Sexmaids

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