X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Films of All Time

Some of the greatest adult legends of all time and some of the best X rated films of all time!!

Playing on Showtime :


Is it the best documentary ever made on the topic, NO.

Is it a great documentary, NO.

Are these really the best adult films of all time, NO.

BUT, it is a good documentary. And yes, some of these films are very famous. For those of us who are not die hard fans or do not work in and around the adult biz, this is sometimes the closest that many people will ever come to being exposed to a world that so many of us love and find to be normal. It is generally a good thing, when a taboo oriented topic can be so easily accessible with a cable service. Whenever networks like HBO and SHOWTIME are able to obtain  sex oriented programming something magical happens, for when the logos of these big networks show up at the bottom of  an episode it is magical, as if the footage is now safe and cool to view by millions and they get great ratings. Sex sells, it always will sell, and these networks know it, and at the same time, they can’t become the next playboy channel, or they would lose all their subscriptions, and have picket lines outside their headquarters.LOL!

I am happy to have been a part of this doc and it was an honor to work on it.  Congrats to Showtime on the success and Plausible Films, the show’s producer for being able to create this on such a short time frame and budget. As for the actual show, I am much more partial to the first 25 minutes, as the classic stuff is what interests me most. Four films from the Distribpix Archive were featured, The Opening of Misty Beethoven, Barbara Broadcast, Roommates and Blonde Ambition. To be able to see some of these films and figures get the broad exposure that they so deserve, is amazing.

Blogs, Forums, and Social Networks are a great way to keep the genre alive. But to bring these niche into millions of viewers living rooms via cable network is bigger than big, it is HUGE. Along with footage I licensed for the show, I produced 2 interviews as well. One was with Gloria Leonard( her last video interview) and one with Constance Money(her first video interview), with special thanks to Lisa Petrucci and Something Weird Video, who were the most gracious hosts. I must say the best thing is the exposure, as since the show aired, sales of the featured titles are off the charts. I just goes to show what I already knew, this is the kind of exposure this niche needs!

Both of these interviews will be available as extras on upcoming Distribpix releases and via the web as special video features. I look forward to working with Showtime and Plausible Films again in the near future.



Constance Money ( Susan Jensen). Interview July 1,2014. On Location in Seattle Washington. Her first ever recorded interview.

Constance Money ( Susan Jensen). Interview July 1,2014. On Location in Seattle Washington. Her first ever recorded interview.

Gloria Leonard Interview. On Location, Kona Hawaii, 2012.

Gloria Leonard Interview. On Location, Kona Hawaii, 2012.



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  1. Looks like a cool doc, hopefully I’ll get a chance to watch it!

    I’ve got a couple of questions not related to this blog entry, but they seem to get overlooked elsewhere (and I don’t want to use facebook):

    1. You asked us about our opinion on how to reissue the Henry Paris Collection on Blu. Have you read the answers? Have you made a decision yet?

    2. When you release new scans of films on DVD now (like Wanda), can I be confident that there won’t be a Blu release in the near future? Sorry if I didn’t see the info on this elsewhere.

    I really enjoy your good work with the company, thanks a lot!

    • MLP,
      1.Yes, the answers were filled with good suggestions and opinions, and the remaining Henry Paris films will go to Blu Ray. Hopefully very soon!! No exact date yet.I am looking forward to announcing this.

      2. If there is to be a blu ray release of a new film that is also being issued on DVD, I will make that known. Some may be sold as DVD/Blu Ray Combo pack, and others may have a DVD release and a Blu Ray release. For the most part, it would be known from the beginning.

      Thank you for keeping in touch and as soon as there is a date for the other blu rays, I will announce it on the blog.


      • All around great news, thanks a lot! I’m a very satisfied owner of the original deluxe DVD releases, but am still very much looking forward to the Blu-rays, hopefully in a beautiful box like the award winning (!) DVD reissues!

        Again, thank you for your work and your time.

        I just recently listened to the Projection Booth podcast on which you were a guest and your enthusiasm for your work really shines through. And it’s much appreciated! I love the recent Billy Bagg DVD, and Wanda is on its way to me right now. Cheers!

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