The films of Billy Bagg- Bill Lustig’s NY Erotica

Coming this summer from Distribpix Inc.- Bill Lustig’s NY Erotica, a double bill featuring both of his X rated films from the 1970’s. Both films have been restored with brand new 2k scans, color correction and digital scratch removal. Each film has an intensely educational commentary track moderated by Nicolas Winding Refn. You will learn so much from the commentaries alone.

This will be the first installment of the Sweetheart Theaters Home Video Cinema line, which is perfect as both films played the World Theatre, as well as most houses in NYC.

Please enjoy the brand new HD trailers for The Violation of Claudia and Hot Honey.

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  1. Great job again! “The Violation of Claudia” looks amazing! I look forward to picking it up. Thanks for your hard work!

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