Bill Lustig and the X rated films of Billy Bagg

Bill Lustig and the films of Billy Bagg – Distribpix Podcast episode #2

The Distribpix Podcast Episode #2- Bill Lustig and the films of Billy Bagg

The Distribpix Podcast Episode #2- Bill Lustig and the films of Billy Bagg

Before he was known as Bill Lustig, he was called Billy Bagg, want to know why?

Before he became the legendary head of Blue Underground and years before he was releasing his favorite films to DVD for Anchor Bay, he was Billy Bagg.

Billy Bagg was an alias for Bill Lusting when he directed 2 X rated films in the late 1970’s, Hot Honey and The Violation of Claudia. Both of these films are getting a special release as a double feature, with brand new 2 k scans of each film, as well as amazing commentaries on both of the films, moderated by Hollywood director Nic Winding Refn.

Bill Lusting and Nic Winding Refn, 2010.

Bill Lusting and Nic Winding Refn, 2010.

The details of the audio commentary are amazing, and any Blue Underground, Nic Winding Refn fan or just fan of classic erotica must pick up ,this soon to be released DVD. This project has been a huge undertaking and the restorations of both films are excellent. In order to prepare and celebrate this release, I got together with Bill Lustig in his West Hollywood apartment in late January 2014 and we sat down and talked a bit about his career, his love for cinema and we touched briefly about the films. Lustig also talks about growing up in NJ, escaping to the grind houses of NYC as a child, his early influences and so much more! BUT, we made it a point to leave out all the exact details of the films and keep them exclusive to  the commentary tracks. But, with that said, I hope you enjoy our conversation together, it is honest, simple and to the point.   In the podcast, he refers several times to “your father”, he is referring to Arthur Morowitz, the original founder of Distribpix.

Bill Lustig X Rated Films          

Listen to the podcast here:

Or download it here: Bill Lustig Podcast

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  1. One of the most entertaining and enthusiastic people on the earth. Bill Lustig never bores. Made my evening this podcast. Nice. Great listen.

  2. Nice to see someone as mainstream as William Lustig being open about his two porn films(and happily talking about them),unlike some of the other genre filmmakers that briefly dabbled in the adult industry,for too bad we’ll never see the likes of Alfred Sole’s DEEP SLEEP,Wes Craven’s and Sean Cunningham’s few assorted blue films(such as TOGETHER),and Lloyd Kaufman’s THE DIVINE OBSESSION and THE NEW COMERS(yes,the Troma guy made two porn films,too) seeing the light of day of a legit DVD/Blu Ray release anytime soon(especially since Kaufman disowns both of his porns,and Craven,Cunningham,and Sole won’t step up to openly discuss their brief time in the adult biz).

  3. I always get a big kick out of seeing Bill and mentions of The Violation of Claudia since we both at one time dated the nurse named Claudia he named the main character in the picture after.

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