The Films of Billy Bagg

Honcho of Blue Underground, Manic Cop Maven and Anchor Bay Bandit ,Bill Lustig, was once called Billy Bagg….yup- Billy Bagg!

Yes, this is absolutely true. He made 2 films using that alias, The Violation of Claudia and Hot Honey, both from the late 1970’s. These were his first films, Violation of Claudia was shot in 35mm and Hot Honey in 16mm. Distribpix owns both of the films and the original elements. They were recently scanned in 2k resolution and had digital restoration and color correction performed. They both look very clean, maybe too clean!

Several years ago, Bill Lustig, along with famous movie director, Nicolas Winding Refn,were both gracious enough to come to a sound studio in Burbank, to perform audio commentaries on both films, both full length, it is gold! Nic actually moderates the commentary with a cynical tone that changes from astonished to comical, but all in all, it is very informative, and the complete stories of both films are told. Bill is wonderful with his memory, he is accurate and shares many details. I am hoping that all of the Blue Underground fans will give this release a chance, if not only for almost 4 hours of unique and rare commentary, but equally as gorgeous film restorations. I think this will become a valuable collectible.

The films are being authored and should be able to see the market by late Spring, early summer.

It will be billed as a double feature that will contain both films, from 2k scans, full length audio commentary for each film and an exclusive slideshow/ephemera gallery.

I have wanted to release this for a while now and I am excited to see things finally moving along again.

I hope you enjoy The Billy Bagg Double Feature.

Bill Lustig X Rated Films

Bill Lustig

The World Theater, The Violation of Claudia

The World Theater, The Violation of Claudia


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