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  1. Holy-moly-guacamole!

    I love looking at all that memorabilia!

    The press books, binder with clippings, posters, photos, and artwork. Love THE NESTING – John Carradine was one of my favorite actors during my childhood.

    Those old “cut and paste” boards bring back memories – they were a pain in the ass. I’d get wax everywhere, and on many occasions, blood ( from stabbing myself with my x-acto knife ).

    A few years ago, I started losing interest in home video. But, then I discovered Video-X-Pix / Distribpix and a few other companies ( like Synapse, Something Weird, Blue Underground, etc ).

    Question… Is the movie TALK NICE TO ME, the same as TALK DIRTY TO ME?… Or is it a sequel?

    I love companies that seem to be run by folks that actually LOVE movies. It makes a HUGE difference!

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