As we have been informed, the project is still coming down, it is just a matter of hours right now. A huge blow for many of us, a huge blow. Plus, all because of one absolutely terrible person, more on that another time! LOL.

Well, we are overwhelmed with the support of you guys, without the funding, I am never going to be able to get this project done, and now you guys see what I am up against. It is terrible, I am always fighting the current, I can catch a fucking break.

Anyway, I am upset with, because we treated the process and their network with respect and care, and they don’t even think it is appropriate to give us a thorough explanation. Based on other adult projects that have gained funding through Kickstarter, we feel that this is a bias decision, and that is the reason why needs to come clean. Or contact me personally, and treat me, the way we treated the process. I am not a criminal.

The backers of our project, are incredible. Overwhelmed, with emails for the past 12 hours, it really is intense. I have now over 64 emails, of people who want to continue with this project, no matter what we do and where we go, like I said, this could be kool. We are going to milk this press and get more than we did before. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”! We can turn this into something really special.

And I have already come up with more amazing rewards, that will convert anyone on the edge of joining this campaing. It may not have the same huge community feel that KS had, but if the rumors are true about what is going on at, than I do not want to be involved with them, in any form. And currently, I am backing projects!

Here are some letters from angry or frustrated backers, and some are telling me now, that there emails are being denied by and rejected from the servers. Is that possible? Is it me, or are we all starting to get a different vision about KS stands for?


Hi there.

It’s come to my attention that Kickstarter intends to pull the plug on this project:

While I understand and respect Kickstarter has a policy probhibiting adult material, this film definitely falls into a grey area in that regard. Not only is this film considered to be one of the greatest ‘adult’ films ever made, it’s also widely considered to be one of the greatest arthouse films ever made. This isn’t some plotless compilation of explicit scenes but instead a well made, well acted and incredibly artistic film, though indeed one meant for a mature audience.

While it may be easy to make a blanket dismissal of this project based only on the more explicit nature of the movie, keep in mind that Distribpix intends to present the film in its proper historical context. This film WAS part of a movement, it has gone on to become quite influential and is absolutely a picture of historical significance.
I politely request that the powers that be reconsider their decision and let this project continue. This isn’t about ‘dirty movies’ but about film preservation and an attempt to shed some light on the fascinating story behind a very important part of American cinematic pop culture.

Hi Steven

Just to let you know that I (and probably everybody else who has pledged so far) will be backing this project regardless of your current predicament. The level of care and attention that you have lavished upon this project puts most major studio efforts to shame, and it must be a real kick to the nuts when some depressed, repressed souls decide to pull the plug on all of your hard work. It is indicative of the way that certain corporate sensibilities manage to convulse and strangle themselves into a public position of moral rectitude when all they are doing is obstructing a genuine attempt to celebrate a genuine milestone in popular cultural history (and perhaps make you a few $ along the way).



If you’re able to get this fundraiser moving at another venue, please let me know.  I had sponsored the Misty Beethoven blu-ray at the $65 level on Kickstarter.  Of all the adult films that are worthy of this treatment, Misty is the one at the top of the list.  I hope this works out one way or another.
Hi Steven.
I definitely would like to pledge to the campaign of having The Opening of Misty Beethoven go Blu-Ray.  I pledged at the $35.00 level.

Please let me know if there is any information you need if you cannot collect it from Kickstarter.  Thanks, and I am very hopeful to have a copy of Misty on Blu-Ray!



 I was absolutely horrified to read that kickstarter is embarrassing themselves by canceling your campaign.  But I was the first person to pledge when you put up the site and my support and enthusiasm for this project haven’t changed. I initially pledged $100, but so long as you’re still going to be charging credit cards on the same schedule (I get paid next week) I’ll go ahead and double that to $200.  Hopefully that will help to offset some of the pledges I suppose you’ll lose due to kickstarter’s puritan kowtowing.
You guys are doing tremendous work that every true cinephile should get behind — keep it up!

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