EXCLUSIVE: Official Misty Beethoven Update

Hello all, hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday. I wanted to give an official update to the Misty saga!!  For the past 4 1/2 months we have been working very hard, putting together this Misty Beethoven restoration project. It has taken more hours and involvement than any other project that I have ever been involved in and we have delved into this project and embraced all the challenges that it has put in front of us. We have gotten heavily involved and maybe went a bit overboard attempting to put the film The Opening of Misty Beethoven into its proper historical context, from the actual film restoration to the director commentary all the way through all of the video extras– our most impressive one being a lengthy documentary feature entitled Behind The Scenes of Misty Beethoven. Actually, they are all very well done!

For the true die-hard fans of this film, I can guarantee that this will be the ultimate Misty experience for you. It will likely be one of the best DVD packages that you can buy in 2012. And it should be: it has taken us long enough, and every part of it shines! For those of you who have never seen the film, then you are also in a great position, as this is the first time the film has not only been transferred in HD but is finally masked at its proper aspect ratio of 1.85:1! It is a win-win.

I must tell you that the amount of footage that is going into this epic 2 disc, special edition release of The Opening of Misty Beethoven is impressive.  I would like to give you guys a breakdown of what will be included in this release.  And there are still some surprises yet to be announced!!

In no particular order, the package will contain the following material:

The Opening of Misty Beethoven – Original Uncut “Hot” Version: HD transfer, with frame by frame restoration and color correction, 1.85:1 presentation. Includes a 5.1 AUDIO MIX sourced from the original MAG TRACKS and the Original MONO sound.

The Opening of Misty Beethoven – Original Uncut “Soft” (less explicit) Version, including additional scenes not included in the “Hard” version. HD transfer, automated correction. 1:85.1 presentation, Original MONO sound.

•Full Length Director Commentary on Hard Version with Radley Metzger, moderated by adult film guru Benson Hurst. Excellent, the best one yet!

• Full Length Commentary on Soft Version with co-star Gloria Leonard,recorded last week.


•All 5 Original Henry Paris trailers, transferred in HD- 25 min


Remembering Jamie Gillis– a touching 10 minute tribute to the legend narrated by Jamie’s best friend, Benson Hurst.

Desperately Seeking Susan: Constance Found – a brief introduction to this elusive and legendary icon, and hints as to what she may be up to today.

The Restoration of Misty – a half-hour long journey into the restoration of Misty. Includes film lab footage, interviews with the experts, examples of the process, before/after comparison, and more!

The Outtakes – an amazing selection of never-before-seen silent outtakes from the set of Misty Beethoven. WOW!!

Behind The Scenes of Misty Beethoven – by far our most impressive video feature to date, this one combines a very large sampling of just about everything about the making of  Misty. What makes this such a wonderful feature is that is is presented as a documentary, combining archival footage and photos with several brand new HD interviews conducted specifically for this release. I am talking about contributions by famed cinematographer, Paul Glickman, as well as actress Gloria Leonard and legendary music director, George Craig. It really is an impressive feature and will run 45 minutes or longer.

There are more things yet to be announced. This is just a taste, but these are the basics! We are also releasing the Misty Soundtrack at the same time(15 original music tracks, liner notes, interview with music director, dialog snippets, etc), as well as a slew of Misty memorabilia. One of the main and most impressive changes to the way you all remember this film is that we commissioned totally new artwork for the release! It an amazing piece of art, a long time in the making, created by a local artist. It is the basis for much of the package, and I can’t tell you how proud it makes me feel! I will reveal that art in a separate post.

The main question I have been getting is whether or not, Misty will be released on Blu Ray? A great question? If you have read this blog on occasion, we were going to dabble in a Blu-ray release a few years back, but never did. I have grown so much and learned so much over the past 2 years, and I know what I am capable of achieving. Now we are capable of turning this epic package into a Blu-ray, so the fans can see it the way it was meant to be seen! We just can’t afford to layout the money without knowing if the interest is there from more than just a handful of amazing fans!

Many suggestions have come in to us.  We took some advice to heart and even followed what a few fans told us to do:


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  1. This looks like it may very well be the best presentation of a classic adult film ever. Thank you for taking the time and effort for this amazing classic. I am definitely interested in a blu ray version. I would love to see it in 1080p HD.

  2. A BluRay would be fantastic, and I’m sure that many fans would be willing to pay a premium to have the package in HD. Such a shame when beautiful HD masters are created and then only released on standard-def DVD.

  3. I think blu ray is widely accepted by now and you should have no problem selling enough copies. You could make it a blu ray/dvd combo set and cover all the bases.

  4. Please release a Blu-Ray! The recent blu’s of several Metzger films were phenomenal, but to be able to add Misty to my collection in HD would be a prime candidate for blu-ray release of the year

  5. I don’t have a blu-ray player yet, so I’ll take the regular–and thank you most kindly for it. I love it when I spend as much time watching the extras as I do multiple editions of the movies, so I am much in your debt for the phenomenal work you’re doing.

    Hoping that once “Barbara Broadcast” makes it debut that we’ll finally get a look at the Platinum Elite edition of “Roommates.” The 5-minute interview excerpt on YouTube only makes me want to see more of it:)

  6. A Blu-ray version would be phenomenal. These amazing Platinum releases can only benefit from the format. A must buy for me.

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