The Opening of Misty Beethoven-Update and Official Screen Shots

The project continues, So far we have the 2k scans of both the original UNCUT, hard and cool versions of Misty. The hard cut was restored manually and the soft was left alone, it still looks great and has a few scenes that die hards have been yearning for! The Director commentary is taking place this week, with the legendary Radley Metzger. We are currently lining up the various versions of outtakes(scanned in 2k) in our systems, audio synching, as well as editing video featurettes and continuing to shoot footage for the remaining features. Last week we sat down and recorded a wonderful interview with Music Director for many of the Radley Metzger’s film’s, George Craig, part of which will be included as bonus material on the upcoming DVD release. Also we are finalizing the official Misty soundtrack which will be released at the same time. This is going to be amazing, we will keep you posted.

Below are  some random screen shots from the recent 2k scan. As you can see the restoration is gorgeous and as many hoped and wished, the grain is certainly intact. A very unique aspect of this transfer is that we unearthed the fact that Radley Metzger shot this film in both Super 16mm and 35 mm formats. Enjoy the shots!

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