The Henry Paris Triple Feature

3 of the greatest X-rated features, from the maestro of erotic cinema, Radley Metzger, all for one low price. This is a great opportunity to own all 3 of these HENRY PARIS films, remastered from the original negatives, with a host of extras on each disc.
Radley Metzger’s entire life has been dedicated to cinema. From a child in the theaters of NYC, to being an assistant at RKO studios on Park Ave, to becoming one of the most well known directors of all time. His impressive tenure as an extremely successful director, distributor and businessman, speaks for itself.
In the early 1970’s after coming off the European set of “The Score”, Radley made his way back to NYC, and soon realized that a hairdresser from Queens, named Gerard Damiano, had made a little stag film called “Deepthroat”! He took notice and saw what was happening around him, he felt a movement and that movement was porno-chic. He figured, he was already a very successful filmmaker, so if a hair dresser can do it, then he certainly had a decent shot. He created the moniker “Henry Paris”, as to keep his identity in the dark, as he had a well known reputation.
In 1974, he assembled a very professional cast and crew and in six days he was able to create the “Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”. It was a hit, and Radley Metzger had now become master of the soft and the hard. Henry Paris went on to make “Naked Came The Stranger in 1975, based on the novel by the same name. This film’s budget was much greater than Pamela and involved more cast and crew. “Naked” premiered at the WORLD THEATER in NYC and was an instant hit. He went on to make 2 more very successful films: The Opening of Misty Beethoven and Barbara Broadcast. The first is referred to by some as the greatest adult film ever made. In 1978, Metzger released the swan song to the genre in ” Maraschino Cherry”, a combination of several scenes from various shoots and original footage.
This is a great deal and a great opportunity to get all 3 Henry Paris classics for one low price.
INCLUDED: •Maraschino Cherry Platinum Elite 2 Disc Set •The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann 2 Disc Set •Naked Came The Stranger Special Edition

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  1. Steven I was wondering even if that doesn’t really make sense if there is a chance that a commentary could be recorded for Maraschino Cherry? Not that I want this dvd to be remade, but maybe an mp3 files that we could purchase from your store. Radley Metzger wasn’t available for one when you did the disc, but now he is… so maybe there is a small possibilty.

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