Erotic Errata for “Naked Came the Stranger”

Naked Came the Stranger is starting to arrive in customers’ mailboxes and the response so far has been extremely positive. Thank you!

A couple of people have encountered minor issues getting to some of the content, so here’s a quick run-down of workarounds:

  1. The Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio Mix must be selected from the Setup menu– by default, the disc plays the (still quite excellent) mono track. Note that the DD 5.1 track is a little quieter than the mono, so you might turn up the volume a notch or two to compensate.
  2. The “Film Facts” Subtitle Track is on the disc (and full of amazing information about the film, the director, the actors, the music and more), but one of the links to it doesn’t work properly. If you select it from the “Setup” menu it works fine. If you select it from the “Extras” menu, you get the English language subtitle track instead. From within the film you can always get to it by hitting the “subtitle” button on your remote control to cycle through to the subtitle tracks to subtitle track 3.

We hope this helps everyone get the most enjoyment out of the DVD! There’s a lot of amazing content on the disc and it’s our hope that you enjoy watching the extras as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Happy Viewing!

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  1. Sorry to be a pill, but isn’t that Carole Lombard on Gilly’s alarm clock rather than Fay Wray as mentioned in the film facts? I’ve watched the film numerous times over the years (inlcuding this restoration three times to check the commenary, the film facts and just enjoy it) and I could swear it’s Carole.

  2. It’s a pleasure…huge fan of both the restorations and Carole Lombard and that just jumped out at me. Glad to help!

  3. I, too, am also sorry to be a pill… just picked up the “Naked…” dvd (through amazon); blown away by the transfer, extras, etc. I noticed the glitch with the “fun facts” subtitles, which wasn’t a big deal at all. Addionally, though, on my player at least, when starting the dvd, English subtitles are automatically enabled. Is this a known glitch on some copies (and if so, has it been addressed?) or is this maybe an anomaly with my player? At any rate, thanks for all the good work… really looking for to picking up the other films in the series (especially “Misty”). take care

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