The Nesting on Blu Ray and DVD!!

Really well done job by Blue Underground and Distribix. The film itself is just one of those films that you seem to miss, and never see. And to be honest, your not missing much, with the plethora of films out there. But the film looks amazing, The HD transfer is clean and crisp, and puts all the other, bootlegged versions , that are sourced from print or video masters to shame. The job in restoring the film was done in ‘William Lustig’ fashion, which usually means, top notch, all the way. Only one or two jumps, but other than that, she looks super. There are lots of extras, as far as slides, trailers, tv spots and multiple language tracks, as well as additional sound options. Also some famous names, worth getting. Some memorable scenes are the lake scene, which is part of the menu loop, and of course, who can forget a sickle to the face, OUCH! Armand Weston deserves credit for taking a chance!

I got mine!

The Nesting, Blu Ray and DVD

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