Another adult company closes


The worst 2 years ever in the world of adult entertainment, as so many of the large distributors have closed, either due to lack of sales, or shitty business practices. We have all been affected. There are the usual suspects, like the defunct Empire of Roy K, who closed his doors owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to vendors, or Russ Katz and his RSK Distributors, which claimed bankruptcy. And then there are the special mentions like Emil, from VWOA, who might of been the biggest douche in the biz. And now, Adult Supersource is closing. I don’t do business with GVA-West, and have only sold to them once in 8 years, mainly because they are the worst payers in the business. Reuben Sturman was a legend and my father tells me some interesting stories about him, from decades ago. But, I must say that I met his son, David, and was not so impressed by him, nor his company, and it is no surprise that they are going out of business. They have had the worst reputation for over a decade for not paying their bills. And to all you guys that deal with them, you might not want to ship those last orders!!I love how it says that they will pay outstanding invoices in a timely manner…LOL!!! DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH. Pay your Fare!!


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