Distribpix Man visits monsterpallooza

So I went to this show in Burbank over the weekend. I was actually  just tagging along with American Grindhouse producer, Elijah Drenner, who was on hand selling pre-release copies of his “Amercian Grindhouse” DVD, which is receiving some great reviews, worlwide. He was also the moderator of a panel on Saturday night, which featured Bill Lusting, Joe Dante, Larry Cohen and others.

I walked the show and was blown away by the high level of quality of these hollywood horror creators, producers and directors. I had some nice conversations, met some great people and took lots of pics!!


Spider Baby director, Jack Hill, with Elijah Drenner


Predator-close up




Real or Fake??

Twilight Zone

The Creature From The Black Lagoon



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