A visit to La Spelvin…having my way with Miss Jones!

Yesterday afternoon I left Burbank and headed for the gorgeous and winding hills of Hollywood, to make a long awaited visit to Chateau Spelvin….which is my little nickname for the quaint Los Angeles home of Gerogina Spelvin, one of the most well known adult actresses of all time. I was absolutely star struck as we were greeted by her tiny frame at the front door. I was so excited. She welcomed us into her home, me and my crew, with open arms, she gave us a tour of her wonderful stone garden, which was overflowing with Jade and wild clovers. This would have been optimal to do a video interview, but it was a bit chilly for all of us, so we decided to set up in her living room.

The amount of information that Georgina shared with me was stunning and overwhelming. She told me about her early days on Broadway, about how she got into porn( thanks Marc Stevens), how she dominated in her tenure in the biz and so much more. We spoke about so many guys and gals of yesteryear, and it was an absolutely awesome event. She still looks stunning!

Her husband was around and also shared some great stories, all in all, I am thrilled and want to thank Georgina, for being an open book and making me feel comfortable and welcomed. And of course, the crew of crews, Elijah and Elle!! You guys are the real deal!

And of course, my pictures…..

A great shot with Georgina and her husband

elle(Director of Photography)/Elijah(Producer&Sound)

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  1. Man, I love Georgina. She’s the best actress ever to grace the adult screen and her book is such a treat. i envy your getting to meet her:)

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