An Afternoon with a legend..Eric Edwards

Yesterday morning, I headed north of LA, about 75 miles, to visit and spend some time with veteran adult performer, Eric Edwards. The drive was gorgeous and once we got into the mountains, the sky became so clear, and the air, WOW, it was like pure oxygen.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the familiar face that was still so recognizable. We had the greatest day, talking about the days of yesteryear, and had some wonderful moments. After a few hours, we headed into his gorgeous, and most picturesque, country town for a hearty lunch of burgers and clubs.

After lunch we played, “name that porn star”, and it was amazing, just to be able to jar some of the cobwebs from his brain, was an entertaining experience. He is one of the sweetest guys, I have ever met. He open up to me about his past personal life, which in many ways, is full of tragedy. But, with all the hardships considered, like a tough battle with cancer and financial instability, Eric is still doing well. He looks great, still very handsome and he sounds the same to me!

Before I returned to the city , we headed into the mountains and shot some great additional footage!! One of the best days in a long time. I can’t wait to come back here.

And by the way, a huge shout out to my DP and producer….Elijah and Elle!! 2 great people, very talented, with amazing futures ahead of them. I was so honored to have you guys with me yesterday. You guys have great skills and great minds. Thanks so much for everything!!

And of course…my picture…taken in front of a 400 year old oak tree.

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  1. Eric Edwards is a dear friend of mine and I am so delighted you got to interview and share some quality time with he and his son. He told me his son even helped with the interview…all in all a delight I am sure. He’s an amazing human being Eric and an excellent Dad.I’m honored to be his friend.He said he enjoyed the interview very much and great pic of him here with you by the tree.

  2. Rob is the greatest actor ever in adult films. With his incredible looks and talent, he is like old school Hollywood. Always a really terrific guy and Father. Been a fan for years and always will be. Thanks for this and great never before seen pics!

  3. I had such a great time with you guys. It was fun sharing old memories and names and faces from the past. Hopefully, on your next trip to the L.A. area, you’ll take a drive up to the fresh air of my mountains again. As they say in Hollywood…”We’ll do lunch!”

    • Eric, you are the best, just the sweetest. We all had such a great time and I want to thank you for all you have done to entertain us for all of these years. And the time we had together was so valuable to me, and I got to meet your son, just a moment I will never forget. My regards to Frazier Park and I will be back soon!!

      • medanong – I’m happy that you liked my movies. Unfortunately, though, I am retired from making any more. I had to take time off to raise my kids and by then I discovered I had gotten old…Go figure!!! I guess my movies and myself are relics from the past– but good ones. Take care…..write back if you like…………EE

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing this blog and interview with Rob!

    I have been a longtime fan of Rob’s movies (I have quite a collection of “Eric Edwards” DVDs – My favorite is “California Girls”) and hope to someday meet Rob just to thank him in person for sharing his talents with the world and for making the 70s-80s-90s and beyond so much fun!–Randall B. from San Francisco, California.

    • Randall – Thanks for being a fan of my movies, and actually I remember doing California Girls. It was fun. As were many others. I even had more fun when I began shooting my OWN films in the late 90’s. I especially enjoyed flying to San Francisco to film–so many beautiful locations. From what I hear, I may be doing another interview with Distribpix soon. I hope so, I love the company……EE

  5. Eric – I remember you in so many videos when I was in college and your one heck of a performer. I’m in Tennessee and you made college and the years after it fun – thanks so much. Can I ask a common fan based question – do you sign photos (like thru the mail, etc)? If not, no problem – reading this article and seeing the photo was a good thing! Thanks – Alan from NAshville, TN

    • Alan – Thanks for remembering me…not too many do these days. I’m glad I made your college days and years after, fun. Naturally, it was fun for me too at the time. Sure, I’d autograph a photo for you, however I don’t have any of those old ones left that I used to sign. Actually, I might be scheduled for yet another interview next month. I love having company come up to the mountains. It seems that the crews love it too. Write back if you want and I’ll see what I can do about the photo…… EE

      • Hi Mr. Edwards,

        I have been a fan of your movies since the 1980s when I was a high school student. I’ve collected your VHS tapes and DVDs over the years, and I’d really be honored to get your autograph or even possibly meet you in person (I live in Northern California). If you have the time, please email me at:

        A longtime fan,

      • Eric – Been traveling some and in for the holidays now. Hope your fall and upcoming winter are good. Thank you for responding about the signed photo request. I would gladly send one of my own with a stamped return envelope. You can let me know and I can send you my e mail address and let me know any information. Hope you have a Merry Christmas guy – thanks again, Alan K

  6. Great idea, Alan K! I too would love to get an autograph from the GREATEST PORN ACTOR of all-time!–If Rob felt comfortable with it of course. Thank you. –Randall B

    • Randall – I’m blown away by people wanting autographed photos from me… And such COMPLIMENTS! I’m overwhelmed. Keep in touch and I’ll see what I can do……EE

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