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  1. What a beautiful man he is.
    What’s not often mentioned is that Rob was also a model and an actor in the non-porn world before he embraced XXX…and we embrace HIM!
    I’d love to find that Close Up toothpaste commercial he did…he sure has a winning smile^^
    Perfect boy next door…if ONLY–I’d be next door right NOW!

  2. Oh and not to mention also,,,he’s a PHENOMENAL painter!
    He showed me this astounding super realism painting he did of a scene with birch trees that blew my mind…and I’m not easily impressed.

  3. Eric Edwards a great looking guy. Good actor this man was lucky to be with seka in a few films I met her twice a great looking woman. I loved her in conffesions of seka. She is so sexy I wish I was in films with her.

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