Armand Weston’s Take Off

One of our favorite films from the golden age of filmmaking. This one has it all! We have hundreds of slides from this film. The production stills were shot by legendary director, Larry Revene and the assortment and quality are both spectacular. Eventually, our entire archive will be commemorated with a very large and colorful book, which will encapsulate the entire Distribpix archive, and how 2 NY guys, took a chance producing some cheap sexploitation films in the 60’s and how they morphed it into an East Coast video legacy. But in the meantime, enjoy these never before seen slides, just scanned yesterday!!

CLICK HERE: For more information about ‘Take Off”

Cast and crew from Take Off, Armand Weston(far right)

Joao Fernandes, films Wade Nichols and Georgina Spelvin

Wade Nichols and Georgina Spelvin,(interior car scene)

Armand Weston, Joao Fernandes, Georgina Spelvin

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  1. I hope “Take Off” is on your list of potential Premium Elite titles. It’s one of my favorites as much for what it attempts within porn confines as what it accomplishes. The scenes with Georgina and Wade are fantastic.

    Any shots of Peter Scolari in that book? He’s in the beach scene (clothed) under the name Barney Trimble (or somthing like that).

  2. Amazing pictures! I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a pic of Armand Weston.

    I’m also looking forward to a Platinum Elite version of this film. The sooner the better, and preferably on Blu-Ray!

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