Barbara Bourbon’s Biography….a sneak peek at Pamela

California born Barbara Bourbon spent the first sixteen years of her life on Indian reservations in the Pauma Valley north of San Diego.

A graduate of Fallbrook High, the blonde beauty attended San Marcus Jr. College for one year and San Diego State one year as well as Palomar College for two years where she majored in drama.

Ms. Bourbon then moved to Boston for three years where she was a member of the Boston Repertory Company. Her stage experience included the lead in nine plays from Boston to San Diego. They include dramatic offerings such as “Of Mice And Men” and musical delights including “Man Of La Mancha’.

Film credits for the green eyed actress include a co-starring role in “One Million A.D.” with John Carradine and leading roles in five other Hollywood general release feature films, including a role in Francis Ford Coppola’s, “The Godfather Part II”.

Starring in the X-rated “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”, she accepted the role solely because of the caliber of the production personnel, including the cinematographer.

While she had no inhibitions on displaying her private charms, she rejected several offers of X-rated films before, because she considered them tawdry rip offs, with no real production value to speak of. The story line of “Pamela Mann”, the opulent sets and the eroticism that builds, enticed her to reveal her all before the cameras.

Barbara Bourbon’s hobbies include the exotic, but true one, of training Siberian Tigers, for her own pleasure!

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  1. Thank you for this biography of Barbara Bourbon. She did appear in two porn movies prior to Pamela Mann. “California Connection” and “A Dirty Western.” She was great in all three, but Pamela Mann stands out due to its great production, story and acting quality.

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