Henry Paris VHS Box Covers

Another great example of the way they would market these films, back in the day….throw a hot chick in a bathing suit that has nothing to do with the film..etc, etc, etc, OUCH…..are those Video-X-Pix logos??DAM!!!

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  1. HEY! I made those boxcovers (and several hundred more) for your father and “Howie” back in the day! There was no budget for photography back then. Artie and Howie made a fortune off this stuf! LOL!

    • Hello Mike, you can attest first hand to the cash that these VHS brought in, I try to explain it to people today, who were not in the the video business, and it is hard to grasp the amount of cash that these theatrical releases made in the theaters and then on VHS/home video…insane cash cows and today, you can’t give em away…LOL!!! But seriously, I would love to talk to you in some detail about your memories from back in the day….I have a full collection of all of the original VXP-VHS covers, and they are great!! Thanks man.

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