Distribpix/Blue Underground,Team-Up for Horror Re-release

Distribix is pleased to announce that Bill Lustig’s , Blue Underground, will be releasing, this Armand Weston horror film from 1980. The film has been beautifully re-stored  from the OCN and both picture and sound are excellent. There will be extras like trailers, tv spots, subtitles, ephemera, slideshows, and more. Blue Underground is one of the top tier DVD companies on the market today and they focus on quality and are well known for successfully releasing  many cult films onto Blu Ray and DVD.

Besides owning many of the best XXX adult films and sexploitation films, Distribpix also has some unique exploitation gems in the archive, so this is a great opportunity for us to align our more mainstream films from our archive with the high standards of companies like,Blue Underground. This film has been in dire need of a proper release, and Blue Underground is the perfect company to do it. I have learned so much from Bill Lusting on this project, and it is great to work with someone who is so professional and hands on!


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