Midnight Desires, Costello’s first 35 mm feature

Shaun Costello’s first 35mm effort, ‘Midnight Desires’ marks his move from master of the one-day wonder to expert of the bigger budget. The movie is wonderfully shot and features an expertly chosen (and stolen) music soundtrack. Starring the ever delightful Jenny Baxter, the ever enigmatic Jamie Gillis, the ever smoldering C.J. Laing, and the ever-so-nice Eric Edwards.

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    • yes indeed…Shaun is so wonderful to work with and this might be his best film, The elements are safe and we are all looking forward to re-visiting the film in the future. At this point in time, we are diligently working to re-master the ‘Henry Paris’ films, as well are release many titles that are already finished and backlogged. I know that Shaun is excited about this one! Thanks.

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