Metzger/Hurst record “Pamela Mann’ commentary

Last week, in NYC, Distribpix’s in-house, adult film- historian, Benson Hurst, recorded a full length commentary with legendary director Radley Metzger, for his Henry Paris film, ‘The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”. It was a very pleasant recording session…..very private, quiet and easy going.  Benson and Radley discussed many aspects of the first of 5 films, shot by Radley Metzger in 1974, under the alias Henry Paris. The session was a full 83 minutes, the approximate length of the uncut feature.

Benson Hurst, the Brooklyn based adult film historian, will continue to work with the iconic Metzger to record full length commentaries for all of the Henry Paris films. All commentaries will be part of the re-mastered and uncut, Henry Paris films.

The first film “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann”, will be released by Distribpix/Video-X-Pix in the Spring of 2011, more details will follow.

After the audio commentary, I took a quick picture with one of my best friends and probably the tallest adult film historian in NYC!! ( I am 5’11)

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  1. Great news, I can’t wait to see it uncut on dvd as it’s supposed to be seen (contrary to the dark video tape I own to complete the cut release on dvd). The involvement of Radley Metzger in this serie make this a must have. Did Benson Hurst realize some miracle again at finding some of the talents involved? It would be really great to have an interview with Alan Marlowe and Barbara Bourbon.

    BTW you aren’t that short, imagine me at 5’2” I wouldn’t be visible in this picture.

    Thanks again for all the hard works you do Steven this is really appreciated

  2. Great news and it should be out in a couple of months? Even better!

    Can’t wait….thank you.

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