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    • Barbara is alive and well, living in the Mid-West. The last I had heard, from the most reliable source that I know of, is that she is no longer interested in speaking of her role in Pamela Mann, at least not on camera. Who knows? Maybe we will we have some surprises in our liner note book, for ‘The Private Afternoons of Pamela Man’!!!

      • Im just curious to know what ever happen to the sequel ? Atfer the film it comes up saying ….. For the further adventures of Pamela Mann, watch: “Pamela Mann’s Horn of Plenty”… coming soon!

  2. I had the opportunity to ask Jamie Gillis (RIP) some time ago about Barbara, he responded that she “dropped from the scene” after Pamela Mann. Too bad, she is lovely and gentle on the screen. My all time favorite of that era. Only 3 movies, what a shame.

  3. STOP THE PRESS …….. A low budget hardcore film made back in the mid 70s called Country Doc has recently been released on dvd that has Barbara Bourbon starring in it. That take her up to 4 adult films that she appeared in plus one soft core called Poison Babies which is unavailable on DVD as i understand

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