An Original Armand Weston

The archive that keeps on giving……

In addition to making some of the most amazing XXX features, like Take Off and Expose Me Lovely, Armand Weston was also a very talented artist. Some of his art was used for the movie posters for classics like his Take Off and Radley Metzger’s Maraschino Cherry. In addition to having the original art for those 2 films, I recently discovered this very rare gem!!

It is an original Armand Weston oil painting on canvas, and it was used for the artwork for his 1979 horror “The Nesting”. It is in great condition with very minimal damage. The irony of the whole situation is that it was part of 4 pallets of original artwork that was going to be thrown into dumpsters, thank god it was all saved.

I wonder what I am going to find next???


The Nesting- Original artwork by Armand Weston - copyright 2011 Distribpix Inc.


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