THE GORE GORE GIRL — A True Shaun Costello Fan

I have the honor of talking to some very interesting people on a daily basis. Sometimes, I am amazed by some of the contacts that I have made; I have met some awesome fans, real die hards. I am honored to chat with some of the more intellectual film types, like guys /gals who grew up in a grindhouses and live for all things film. I am so excited when I get to meet with the directors and producers from back in the day, like Radly Metzger, John Amero, Shaun Costello and Larry Revene, who made these films. And it has been incredible to become close friends with some of these guys. My close friend and adult film historian Benson Hurst has added a level of professionalism and expertise to my business that is invaluable and my colleague Joe Rubin in Chicago has proved to be an incredibly talented, educated and very well versed film buff, who has helped me in strides, not too mention introducing me to dozens of influential bloggers, and they have all been wonderful. I would like to dedicate this post to one fan/scholar in particular, the GORE GORE GIRL. When I first heard of her, I was told that she did her college dissertation on a classic adult film……that in itself was incredibly intriguing. Her approach to looking at these golden age films, is certainly original and not your typical, everyday-babble. Thanks and happy new year to GGG!


GORE GORE GIRL reviews Shaun Costello’s, Midnight Desires.

GORE GORE GIRL reviews Shaun Costello’s, The Passions of Carol

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  1. While I appreciate the kind words, “…master of the bigger budget”, Midnight Desires was budgeted (and brought in) at $35,000 which, for a 35MM film back then was nothing. My years making one day wonders made me a frugal, and cost effective producer. After watching it recently, I concluded that Midnight Desires is probably my best film, a considerably smarter effort than the whoppers I made for Reuben Sturman years later, or the mega-budgeted Dracula Exotica, which was such a disappointment.

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