THE AVN AWARDS… an embarrasing pit of corruption

Classic fans and colleagues, just some more proof of the “ad for award” mentality over at AVN. The first company VCX advertised in 2010, the second company VXP,did not!

This is the VCX/cal vista film that got the award, and I know first hand, nothing was done to enhance this release. just a poor sourced transfer, the AVN award for best classic release goes to:

The Video-X-Pix film, which was nominated , was the Platinum Elite Collection of Blonde Ambition, here it is:

AVN nomination for best classics release, 2010

This film’s restoration took months to complete. There is a full length commentary by director John Amero, and the last ever recorded commentary from legendary actor, Jamie Gillis, just before his death. There is also a short video tribute to Jamie, not too mention the film’s trailer,  and hard and soft versions of the film.

Extras in the package are a 20 Page liner note book, 5 x 7 photo insert, film strip collectible and O-card wrap!

AVN…….you and your voters have got balls!!

Once again, thanks for fucking over our entire team, not to mention all the guys and gals from the golden age that were counting on you guys to do the right thing. Do you ever think of anyone but yourselves…..karma is a bitch

AVN would not know a good thing if it crawled up and sat on Fishbein’s face!

Hey AVN……Thanks for your support and all the best in 2011.

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  1. You’re absolutely right to be upset, but did you really expect the outcome to be different? It was in the NY Post today how Sony is spending a fortune on trying to get The Social Network to win Best Picture. And recently, Sandra Bernhard said on the Howard Stern show that if she had promoted herself back in 1983 for King of Comedy, she would have had an Oscar nomination at least. Money drives show business the same way as politics. If the award will help sell enough copies, then you pay to play. But leave the accolades of the fine work you guys are doing to the fans like me who appreciate your restorations and quality.

  2. You’ve set the bar so high they can’t even see it! Sure it would be nice to get some recognition for all your efforts — but on the other hand, recognition from who exactly? These AVN guys? To be blunt, Steven — I’ve never purchased any title because it won an AVN award. We’re not talking about Palme d’Or for petessake! LOL!

    If it’s any consolation, the real winner is us — the fans — because we’re the ones who get to experience the extraordinary work you guys have created for us. The work itself is the reward. And there is no question who’s doing the best work.

    I have BIG expectations from you guys in 2011.

  3. Really sorry to hear they stole you against this year. But really who care about AVN? It’s been a while they aren’t relevent anymore, I write about those classics in my blog and I have never lost one second to check AVN. Don’t worry the fans of those golden age classics know where the quality really is and where to spend their cash.

    Nest year don’t bother submit anything. The fans are able to do much more good publicity by talking of your movies than costly adds and article on the AVN website.

  4. Blonde Ambition should have won. Period. The fact that it didn’t is a serious credibility strike for the awards as a whole. There really was no other choice this year.

    Something about this stinks in a bad way.

  5. For crying out loud, Aunt Peg died last year. It’s no wonder AVN chose her film as the best. And Blond Ambition was cute but it was very low on eroticism. And why on earth did AVN make you send out 30 copies? That is just crazy.

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