‘The Passions of Carol’ by Shaun Costello

The Passions of Carol

The transfer of this film has been quite challenging, from damaged sprockets on the 16mm OCN’s to having a scratched optic track on the answer print. It was a task, but the final product is much better than the current version that was sourced from a terrible video master. There are some defects that remain, but that is part of the archiving process. The new 2k scan reveals tons of detail and a new found richness, that was totally lacking before. Remember that grain is detail. The film really is great and for those of you who do not know anything about it…it is basically an adult look at Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, with crazy twists, great use of colors and music, and awesome camera work. It is very entertaining and it was Shaun Costello’s first screenplay, and many fans/historians say that this film is their all time favorite.

The new transfer will be part of the ” The Passions of Carol” Platinum Elite Collection, which is headed for a Christmas release!! Look out for more details, this one is going to be a real holiday treat!!!

The Passions of Carol

Who is the guy in the middle??

Awesome Scene!!


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