I was just told by a friend of mine that these might be a hot commodity. Well, we only made a dozen of them, maybe more as samples and they have all but disappeared. There is one left. It is a MEDIUM and I told my friend that I would give it to him,as he is very good to me.  But we can print more of them, we have several techniques and shirts that we can choose from, but we think that some of the art files that we have from these films are amazing and are totally retro looking. I mean, I can see these at Spencers or any other kool T-shirt shop,etc.

We would take the logo of our company off of it and focus on the designs….we have toyed with this for a while and have T-shirts for Blonde Goddess and Maraschino Cherry, as well. We can do it with different films, but they are so retro and hip, that no one would even know that they were pornos, unless they were “in”. The point is that there is some great art!!

Would you wear a T-shirt with this design on it??

Wand Whips Wallstreet T-shirt

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