THE PASSIONS OF CAROL directed by Shaun Costello

2 Weeks ago I was visited by a friend and film colleague, who also happens to be one of the premier authorities for adult films from the golden age. We spent the better part of 2 days between 2 different locations, and we scoured through sky- high piles of prints, endless rows of pristine negatives, as well as other amazing elements such as rare slides,posters, sell sheets, and original art boards. We certainly found some prints that I never  knew were there.

The archiving/restoration never seems to end, but we were able to confirm many things. One thing that I am happy to report is that the original camera negatives for Shaun Costello’s ‘The Passions of Carol”, have been located and inspected and are now in the first phases of it’s HD restoration. This is a film that we have owned for a very long time and I am so thrilled that it will finally  be getting the proper DVD release. One of the greatest XXX classics of all time, from one of the greatest director!

All other details to follow.

The following were old scans from film cells that were used for the original box art/advertising, so I thought it might be a good reference.

Opening Title Scene, from Shaun Costello's 'The Passions of Carol"

Scene from ' The Passions of Carol'

Marc "10 1/2" Stevens, in The Passions of Carol

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  1. Fantastic! This is the film that changed the direction of my dissertation, and opened me up to the wonderful world of golden age porn. I would love to see a cleaner, crisper copy. Keep us posted!

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