Well another year without any award. We never expected an award in the previous years, but this year we were sure that we would walk away with the AVN award for our landmark treatment of the XXX classic “Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle”. I was always told by many that the AVN awards are totally fixed, and you must spend money on advertising in order to get any awards. I never wanted to believe it. And on his most recent visit to the stern show, Paul Fishbein, the owner of AVN, was confronted with that exact comment, when Howard briefly mentioned that the awards were fixed. There was no comment from Paul Fishbein.

The award went to Debbie as usual, again and again. How many times can you give an award to the same film??

Your comments are welcome!!!!

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  1. My friend, I just came across this link. You guys are naive to think for a second that the AVN awards are not fixed. AVN supports piracy. AVN does nothing to better the adult industry. AVN is an extremely biased platform and the awards have no reflection of actual talent and or accomplishment. The entire system is a giant pissing match to see who can spend more on advertising.

    Do yourself a favor, don’t nominate any titles in the future, this way you have nothing to lament over. If you don’t advertise with AVN, you will not win an AVN award, especially in this day and age. Take this all with a grain of salt. I mean look at who they gave the award to. VCX has the worst transfers in the industry, their recent box covers for the cal vista line, are horrible and so are the transfers. I would rather have the Alpha Blue versions!!!

    Do not get upset and do not let this bother you, continue to do what you do and forget about AVN, you will just have to trust me!

    I love XXX classics!! Keep on bloggin’.

  2. the avn awards are fixed…%100. The entire organization is full of shit and the fact that they only award the studios that take out ads in the magazine and on the website, is just lame. AVN should have a new category, called HALL OF SHAME, and they should be the first company that should be nominated and they would win. What a bunch of assholes!!! Keep your head up….


  3. I worked for two years at AVN as an Associate Editor. Whether you want to accept the fact or not, the AVN Awards and NOT fixed. Every reviewer and editor fills out a separate ballot, which are then calculated by at least four editorial employees to verify the results. If you don’t like the outcome, the fact remains that all awards had the majority of reviewers voting for the winners.
    But let’s take this year’s controversial Vintage Film awards. VCX won with Debbie Does Dallas, in a 2 disc version that I personally have not evaluated. And yes, VCX has released some wretched duplications of 70’s classics-ever try to endure the horrid transfer of “Double Exposure of Holly?”
    Video X Pix had two nominations. One for the brilliant “Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle,” which forever denounces the concept of female subjugation in the porn industry. The second, “Maraschino Cherry,” was one of Radley Metzger’s most disjointed films. The only coherent scene is the S/M finale with CJ Laing, and let’s face it-Gloria Leonard was never the sexiest woman in porn.
    I’m amazed that I’m defending AVN at this point, but having endured the CES show and Las Vegas Awards almost 15 years ago, I can assure you that the judgement of the AVN awards is, no matter how questionable, still based on a verfied majority of employee votes.

    • I fully disagree with you and it seems as if you may be a bit behind on the times. The awards and voting platform is %100 biased, if you don’t spend money with the magazine or on the site or do not have the right connections, you will not win. At one point in time, when the industry was in it’s infancy the awards seemed more legitimate. But today, it is crystal clear and all bullshit.

      And by the way, there was nothing special about the Debbie disc set, Same old stuff, and the awards in the vintage category should not always be about the best movie, but rather the best treatment in re-issuing the most awesome edition. Your Video-X-Pix Platinum Elite Collections are the best, they are simply great. The Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle 3 Disc set is spot on, as far as quality and value. It is a shame that AVN does not do more to support guys like you who dedicate your lives to archiving and preserving these lost films. I rarely ever hear a mention or a peep about you in AVN, not even on their website. Don’t worry, I say Fuck AVN!!!

      • Actually, I do agree that a re-issue should be more than just a nice copy of a vintage film, and a lackluster, PG porn film like Debbie Does Dallas should have been embalmed long ago. But after all these years, don’t you think at least one disgruntled AVN employee (and believe me, there have many), would have come forward and exposed all this alleged favoritism and stilted voting? There are no contracts at AVN, no confidentiality clauses, just a revolving door of freelance writers. The primary complaint should be that the reviewing staff is voting on scenes, films, etc. that they’ve never bothered to watch. Kind of like the Oscars or Golden Globes.

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