To many of you who have written to us, via the blog, pertaining to some of our upcoming releases, especially SOS. I must apologize for the time it has been taking to get this released. The transfers are done and the film looks excellent, we are very proud of the job we did on that one, plus it came from the original 35 mm negative, which is pristine. The project has taken much longer than we originally expected. We are now conducting interviews and looking to fill in some of the blanks, from a historical point of view, in order to make the release that much better. We are hoping that each release will be better than the previous one. I do not have an exact date, but I can tell you that it is in the pipe, what more can I say. We have many projects that we are working on at any given time and some, just take longer than expected. I refuse to just throw it on a DVD, without the care it deserves. That is our new approach and I am sticking to it. Again, sorry for the delay

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  1. As a point of reference the current restoration of Fritz Lang’s 1927 masterpiece Metropolis has taken less time than this film’s restoration. I’m afraid by the time this actually hits the market, if ever, there will be scant interest in the entire project and will cause other worthy projects to be shelved because of poor sales. A real chicken egg scenario.

    • Interesting point, but I am in no way worried, I have a legacy to uphold and the video market has changed in such a huge way, especially since 2004, so this ‘scant interest’ you are referring to is sort of normal. I am not sure if you are in the video industry but it has been demolished in several ways, and the point is that we rarely make our money back and in many cases we are used to poor sales. Sales used to be incredible, but over the past 3 years, we have taken huge hits, so have many others. I only wish there were 500 fans , just like you, who would show interest and insight to the extent that you have in your post. I can only say that I have several projects going at any given time, and in many cases some projects get shelved for a while. Understand, this is a major LABOR OF LOVE business, especially for me, but I take it very seriously. This film will be released in due time. I am sorry if this does not satisfy you. Thanks.

      • Hello,
        I was very excited to find this information – that SOS is being re-released! It was the first porno I ever saw, and I can’t wait. Is it finished? I see these posts are from last year. If it is finished, how do i purchase a copy of it? I have been serching for this for years. I even emailed SCREW magazine a few years ago, but got no response. Thanks in advance for your information!

      • You could not be more wrong. Nice sarcasm. I have literally hundreds of satisfied customers. As far as we are concerned, there is not one other single company in the US (that specializes in classic adult cinema), that is investing the money, time and effort that we are. I am proud of that, and in the end it is for the fans and customers. I am sorry that you don’t see it that way.

      • “I have a legacy to uphold” which apparently is to make promises with no intention of ever keeping them. Two long years and no activity whatsoever on this title. Pitiful and some of poorest business savvy every to be boasted about on a business blog. If this doesn’t convince readers of your lack of seriousness nothing will.

      • joeblo Says:
        July 23, 2010 at 3:37 am
        Hey Guys, SOS is available on various torrent sites and some one has improved the picture about 90% probably using Adobe premier. It’s a Divex file and it looks great!

        Maybe this helps to answer your question….douche!

      • Next time maybe shoot yourself in the other foot. You must be limping real bad now.

      • joebloe sounds like he needs a slunky, any volunteers??
        maybe we give him to Gina!!!

  2. “I refuse to just throw it on a DVD, without the care it deserves. That is our new approach and I am sticking to it.” While this is laudable, if this is such a vanity project? Why your company double and triple dipping with some of the tiles that have already been released on DVD for years. SOS has never been out on DVD and only available in the late seventies on really bad VHS.

    • Not sure I get the double and triple dipping?? Our films have never before been transferred from the 35 mm negatives. Many of our films have been out on VHS/DVD, and the versions were either cut, damaged, or just plain old horrible.The goal is to re-release them, the right way. This is not a vanity project, I am just not going to release something, when I know that it is incomplete. We are awaiting word on a few things before we proceed with SOS. We are very much looking forward to this release.

  3. Hey Guys, SOS is available on various torrent sites and some one has improved the picture about 90% probably using Adobe premier. It’s a Divex file and it looks great!

  4. joe blo,
    FIRST OF ALL, IT IS DIVX or DivX, not Divex…..XXXXXXX! And it does not look great at all, funny how you think a sub par VHS master or other shitty source can even compare to a prestine 35 mm negative…no matter how much post work is done.

    SECONDLY,Instead of trying to be a smart ass, you should send us any links you find of our films that are hosted illegally by any torrent sites, so we can get them taken down. It is XXXXXXX like you that make all of us re-issuing companies weary of spending so much money to restore and release older films. By the time you sell 10 copies, the file is all over the internet. And you write our blog and try to make light of it, but I think I speak for all of us when I say “XXXX XXX”.

    For those fans that do send us links on a regular basis, we can only say thank you so much, and as usual keep sending us any links to our films that you find. And as usual, we will reciprocate with free DVD’s, glossys, t-shirts, catalogs, posters, sell sheets, etc. There are about 6 of you guys out there that send us links on a weekly basis, THANK YOU.

  5. Ant,
    You know we love you, and everything you have done for us over the past several years, but you got to keep it clean on the blog. Although we all agree with you, everyone is allowed to have an opinion— even if they are a huge douchebag!!

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