We are very proud to announce that AVN has nominated both of our PLATINUM ELITE RELEASES for best classic DVD at the 2010 AVN awards show in Las Vegas. Both Maraschino Cherry and Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle have been nominated. We always have DVD’s nominated in the best classic DVD category, but we really never took it that seriously, as many people say that the awards are based on how much money that the studios spend with AVN, etc. We are a very small company, and we used to spend thousands of dollars per month on AVN advertising, not too mention that our company was one of the first adult companies to advertise in AVN, many, many years ago. Unfortunately, that has all changed. The fact that people say that the awards are kind of ” fixed” does not bother us, we are simply delighted to have the recognition, as that is all we look forward to. Plus, with all due respect to the other classic studios in the adult biz, not one of them can boast that they are doing all of there transfers, from original 35 mm negatives and certainly no one can argue the amazing treatment that has been given to these 2 nominated golden age gems. We are the only ones, that are doing it like this, not as an exception to the rule, but as our new standard, we have over 184 original film negatives to still transfer. This gives us an edge from the starting line. Our company spends literally thousands of dollars every month with our film transfer house and we are getting amazing results. What till you see what is coming in 2010!!!

annie platinum elite

Thank you very much to AVN for the nominations.

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  1. I don’t think the Best Classic category is fixed. Media Blasters/VCX won two years in a row, and they did similar special editions to these. If the care is there, the win will come. And it looks like this will be the case! You’re a shoo-in!! 🙂

  2. Hello Casey, we tend to agree with you, although many people tell us otherwise. We truly love this new approach, and it something we can do to so many of our films as we have most of the original negatives. You make a very good point about Media Blasters/VCX, as we love those DVD’s and we were at the awards show, when they won the award. They were very well done projects and that is exactly the type of treatment that we are giving to our Platinum Elite Collections. Thanks for your kind comments.

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