Our  next main project has been in the works for only about 6 months, and it should be ready for release soon after the new year. Is it a standard definition, digitally re-mastered version (from the original negative) of the Amero’s Brothers classic, Blonde Ambition, and the transfer is fucking amazing!! THERE WILL BE 2 discs…….The package will contain the re-mastered, hard core 35 mm feature and as a real special treat, we are also re-mastering the original soft core version as well. What makes this release so special is that we recently sat down and spent an entire evening with John Amero. John and Lem Amero shot the film along with many other sexploitation features, that came way before “Blonde Ambition”, like Dynamite and Bachanale. Unfortunately, Lem died of Aids, years ago, but his legacy live on.

We had our historian, Benson Hurst, conduct the interview and John Amero, did audio Commentary for the entire film. He also, let us molest his personal collection of photos from the set, newspaper clippings about the movie and famous head shots, all of which will be included as extras on the DVD. Really kool stuff! And what makes this so super special, is that our historian has written another intense liner note book, to accompany the DVD. I read it last night, and I can tell you that is like nothing I have ever read, as far as the accounts of the filming, historical context, etc. It is very similar to the 24 page Annie Sprinkle book that came in her DVD. As a matter of fact, Suzy Mandel( one of the film’s stars) is proofreading the notes, as we speak. It can’t get much better than that. Oh and I forgot to mention that we will also have an interview with Jamie” the Hebrew Hammer” Gillis, as well as a re-mastered version of the theatrical trailer, on the dvd as well, with an O-card to boot. The box art on this one is going to be out of this world!!!

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