GERARD DAMIANO– Video-X-Pix legendary director

One of the true greats!!! In our library we have 2 Gerard Damiano gems that actually have footage of Gerard himself in them, these are “Consenting Adults” and ” People”. Both are great films and will be part of a Gerard Damiano Double Feature–DIRECTOR’S EDITION, complete with liner notes and other lost gems, all re-mastered from 35 mm negatives.

(1978) PEOPLE – After making ‘porno-chic’ classics “Deep Throat” and “The Devil In Miss Jones”, Gerard Damiano was recognized as the godfather of the modern adult film industry; “People” is one of his over-looked but most interesting features-essentially a pseudo-documentary and forerunner to today’s faux-reality porn, it features the first couple of kink, Serena and Jamie Gillis. One of our favorite scenes is with Bobby Astyr and Heather Young, where Heather plays a hooker, very funny and typical of Bobby’s comedic style…… “You talkin about sucking my cock!”

Gerard Damiano and Samantha Fox, from PEOPLE 1978

Gerard Damiano and Samantha Fox, from PEOPLE 1978

Serena and Jamie Gillis, "The first couple of kink"

(1982) CONSENTING ADULTS- When this film was shot, Gerard was already considered a pioneer eroticist, and this is a no-holds-barred look at the steamy side of the sexual revolution. Consenting Adults was actually conceived and cast by Annie Sprinkle and Veronica Vera, who play the hostesses of this film. With actual footage of Gerard Damaino himself, he vividly describes what makes a “good blow job”. All around excellent performances by Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera, Sharon Mitchell, Ron Jeremy and of course the legendary Marc Stevens. Watch as Annie is groped by a group of foreigners and kindly invites them to lick her pussy!! Also, a great pussy piercing scene, hosted by Annie Sprinkle.



Veronica Vera & Annie Sprinkle

Veronica Vera & Annie Sprinkle

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  1. A Damiano double feature, YES! I find his films fascinating and I look forward to this release and whatever extras you can dig up to include on the double feature dvd of his films. Thanks for going back tot he 35mm film for this release also.

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