The Distribpix/Video-X-Pix 2009 catalog is now available. This is a 48 page color booklet that has over 200 dvd’s for sale, some great posters and the company’s history as well. You can get a copy by sending a request for a catalog to info@videoxpix.com and please put your mailing address in the e-mail. If you wish to call and request a catalog, please call 917-575-9148. This is a very well done booklet and we highly suggest that you get a copy. We are also offering the catalog in the form of a pdf and in the near future it will become more interactive, with embedded trailers, etc. for the online enthusiast.


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  1. This is on our filmography and was a distribpix release, but I must check the physical archives to get you an accurate answer. I will keep you posted.

  2. Several Distirbipix classics have been on my want list for years. “Moving Violation,” “Sex Family Robinson on the Farm,” “Kiss This Miss,” and “The Closer to the Bone the Sweeter the Meat” sound like the true twisted epics the company always provided to the hot-blooded viewer.
    In the past, my favorites included “Pamela Pamela You Are…,” “Take My Head,” and one of the most monumental LSD films of the 60’s: “Blonde on a Bum Trip.” However, my old VHS copies are sputtering like a drooling man in a raincoat (and they were kind of fuzzy to begin with), so I truly look forward to having the digitally remastered editions to share with my friends and family. Please keep me posted!

    • Alex,
      Almost of all of these titles have already been transferred and many more are done each month. You should start to see new releases of the Distribpix sexploitation features. They will be released as singles , as well as double and triple features and box sets. We are very excited!! Thanks for all of your support and keep your eyes open for updates.

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