Radley Metzger’s Maraschino Cherry – Platinum Elite Collection 2 Disc Set

DistribPix Launches Elite Platinum Collectors Series
Series sets new standard of quality for classic adult entertainment

New Jersey —Jan.6, 2009 — DistribPix today announced the introduction of its Elite Platinum Collectors Series. This series will offer new prints of classic adult films ranging from fan favorites to never-before released works from some of the era’s greatest talent.

All Elite Platinum films will be struck from original negatives and fully re-mastered to provide the cinematic experience intended by directors such as Jonas Middleton, Shaun Costello and Chuck Vincent. Overall visual quality will be restored, sound will be optimized and where applicable, original scenes previously cut will be reinserted.

Each release in the series will be composed of two discs containing a variety of extras in addition to the restored film. Supporting materials will include all-new director and star commentaries and galleries of film-related stills, the majority of which have not been seen in decades. In addition, all series films will be accompanied by multi-page, in-depth liner notes offering viewers the context and color to fully enjoy these re-mastered gems.

DistribPix will kick off the Elite Platinum series with the Radley Metzger classic Maraschino Cherry. Starring Gloria Leonard, Annette Haven, C.J. Laing and a host of other legends of the day, Maraschino Cherry was Metzger’s last hardcore film. This series release will include the beautifully re-mastered film, a current interview with star Gloria Leonard and new liner notes by DistribPix’s in-house historian Benson Hurst. In addition, each film package will be accompanied by an actual clipping of the 35MM film print.

Following Maraschino Cherry, DistribPix will offer a new Elite Platinum release approximately every two months. Films will be selected based upon overall market appeal and historical importance. In addition, fan favorites previously available only as poor quality transfers will be given special consideration. Films planned for the series include Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle, The Erotic Dr. Jekyll, Big Abner and Through the Looking Glass.

The Elite Platinum release of Maraschino Cherry will be available early January to coincide with the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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